As a Nutrition therapist with a background in both nutrition science and psychology, I guide people to find their own philosophy of eating which results in freedom and empowerment around food and weight issues.

I am also certified as a Natural Chef. I provide personal chef services for those with special dietary needs and health conditions that require therapeutic foods/diets to heal and promote wellness. I also cook for families and individuals who want simple, healthy home cooked meals with no dietary restrictions.

My training and orientation is based on intuitive eating, the non-diet approach, and mindfulness. I completed the Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness (MB-EAT) training, and currently lead and teach Mindful Eating groups in the bay area.

Intuitive eating is also known as non-dieting. It is recognizing that “diet’s don’t work,” and in fact most cause weight gain, and disordered eating. Intuitive eating and mindful eating help restore trust with ones body, decrease emotional eating and improve ones overall health. I teach people how to reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies, helping them to recognize their physical hungers, as well as how to work with emotional hungers so that they can finally get off the yo-yo diet roller coaster. This approach results in sustainable behaviors that support permanent weight management as well as a more relaxed and joyful relationship to food and body.

I treat all forms of disordered eating, clinical eating disorders as well as general nutrition, disease prevention, and weight management.

My offices are in Oakland, Marin and San Francisco. I also  Skype or Facetime with folks all over the world.