Work with me to create new relationship with food!

One day, you will be able to choose a variety of foods with ease, balance, and pleasure, instead of guilt, confusion, and worry.

You will learn how to re-connect with your body's natural signals of hunger, appetite and fullness. And, over time your body will achieve its natural weight without dieting. This process happens effortlessly, without trying, without struggle. It happens when you let go. You will finally be free of ever having to go 'on' or 'off ' diets ever again.

With education, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness skills, your will learn how to cope with stress and other emotions without turning to food, exercise or body hatred.

Together we will develop a pattern of eating that fits your lifestyle; one that is enjoyable AND healthy.

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I went on my first diet (Weight Watchers) when I was 18 after living abroad and gaining weight as an exchange student. I lived in Switzerland and used cheese and chocolate to sooth my homesickness and culture shock.
  • Dieting taught me to disconnect from my body and to obsess about food more. With the help of WW, I reached my anorexic weight and over time, reached my highest weight- thanks to the yo-yo effect of dieting.
  • In my early 20’s, I found an amazing therapist who taught me Intuitive eating and after many years, I finally let go of my addiction to dieting.

Today, I practice what I preach. And am happy to report that freedom from weight and food worries is possible. You can see my full resume here (linkedIn)

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