Our sessions are so helpful to me! I really appreciate your clarity, grounding and compassion. I feel like I am slowly building an understanding and relationship to my body and food. It makes me feel hopeful in finding healing for something that has been so challenging in my life - thank you!!
— YS

I came to Karen after years in a 12-Step program for food issues.  I’d found lots of recovery there, but I started to feel that the addiction approach to my actual food choices was no longer useful and in fact had become detrimental.  Karen immediately set me at ease and offered a new way of thinking about my food, while supporting me to make whatever decision felt right about my 12-step program.   After our first session, I left with a new sense of hope and peace about my food issues.  Karen gives me lots of tools for making decisions and is teaching me that I can trust myself and my body.  I am no longer “afraid” of food.  Her intuitive model encourages compassion, kindness and confidence.  This approach has also inspired me to feel more integrated in the rest of my life and confident about other decisions.   My work with Karen is nothing short of life-changing, and I am so grateful to finally feel I am truly healing. 
— MR

The work I have done with Karen in the past few months has truly changed my life. She has given me so many tools to help me get back in touch with my true intuitive eating skills. Somehow, in the midst of this high-stress, chaotic, superficial, over-judgmental and diet-mania world we live in, I managed to lose that part of myself and get lost in it all. Obsessing every day about working out, what I’m going to eat, where am I going to eat, what can I not eat, became emotionally and physically draining. It became time for me to get back to basics and learn to eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full and enjoy the eating experience!! Through my work with Karen I discovered all the terrible “food rules” I had created for myself that defined my eating patterns and my life. I’m slowly learning to undo those rules and just listen to and trust my inner self. My journey continues… but I know I’m on the right path to living life to its fullest and not letting food run my life.
— CC
My work with Karen changed the way I think about food, exercise, and my body. She helped me develop the self awareness and self trust that I needed to become an intuitive eater by making me feel safe, educated, and loved. Thanks to her unwavering support, insight, humor and positive encouragement, I was able to ultimately recover from my disordered eating behaviors and make peace with food.

Karen, I’ve been meaning to reach out to you to thank you for all of your help when I went to see you for nutrition counseling during my college years. Your strategies and the Intuitive Eating program have been an absolute lifesaver! You are so inspiring, and I absolutely credit you and your approach to nutritional counseling with saving my life and allowing me to free myself from an obsession with food and weight. This gave me so much more time and energy to help others and pursue my personal and professional goals! I would never have gotten to this point without your help, and I am so grateful for everything. I have recommended your techniques and the Intuitive Eating program to so many of my friends over the years. They love it too! In fact, I am reading the newest edition of Intuitive Eating now and decided it was time to send you a much overdue thank you note.  Again, thank you for everything!
— JC

I hope this sounds sincere, as I am entirely so in sharing that your meeting with Katie is helping enormously, and I am so grateful. She once again expressed relief and gratitude for having had another visit with you. She said it makes he feel more calm, less worried about “things”. It is clear that her eating and thoughts about food are a struggle for her, and I am so hopeful that, through her talks with you, she will come to a point of feeling safe and healthy again. Although she will wrestle with the decision to eat something or not, she has relaxed a bit already about having things I know she would have felt guilt for previously- or at least she is giving herself permission. I want to encourage her to reach out to you - hopefully, she will get to a point where that is easier for her to do. I realize that it is probably not the norm to have the mom in the meeting, and I have offered to stay outside, but so far she has encouraged me to join in. We have a very close and open relationship on many levels, so maybe for the time being my presence gives her some comfort. Thank you for letting me be there. Thank you again!
— KL