Intuitive Eating Coaching

Intuitive eating coaching is a process where you will learn how to systematically break free from the dieting trap to free up your precious time and energy so that you can live your life free of food and weight worries.

Intuitive Eating Coaching:

Do you feel out of control and obsessive around foods?

Are you tired of hating your body and struggling with your weight?

Do you wish you could get off the yo-yo dieting roller coaster?

Do you wish you could just eat ‘normally’ but don’t trust yourself.

Do you struggle with emotional eating?

Are you done with dieting but know you need to do something?



You’re ready to make some changes, but you’re not sure how to break out of the dieting trap.

Here is where I come in, as your intuitive eating coach…

Intuitive eating coaching is a process where you will learn how to systematically break free from the dieting trap to free up your precious time and energy so that you can live your life free of food and weight worries.

 Together in this process, I will help guide you to:


Learn tools and practices to reconnect you to your body’s physical hungers. Know the difference between your physical hungers AND your emotional hungers. Gain clarity and confidence around how much and when to eat.


We will take a serious look at obstacles that are undermining your body trust. I will give your tools and exercises to reveal how your thoughts, beliefs and rules continue to sabotage your best intentions.


It’s time to call a truce on fighting food! Forbidding yourself specific foods leads to a paradoxical rebound effect that triggers overeating. I will help you end the overeating cycle for good.


You will learn and practice strategies to loosen the grip of the internal critic aka Food Police, and gain access to your wise compassionate self. You will move from a place of curiosity instead of judgment, and this will allow you to feel lighter, freer and happier.


Let’s examine your relationship to exercise- whether that is over or under exercising. Leading with internal motivators, such as pleasure aka feels good, instead of punishment or neglect.


I will teach you the basic skills of mindful eating so you can break out of the mindless overeating cycle. You will be able to identify when you are physically full and how to stop eating at your comfort zone.


Reclaim your birthright to eat and enjoy all foods with pleasure and satisfaction instead of feeling guilt or worrying about weight gain. A truly liberating concept that will revolutionize your relationship to everything- not just food!

Navigate emotional eating and learn new coping skills to break out of self-sabotaging over eating patterns. Increase your EQ (emotional quotient) and finds ways to nourish yourself that are way more effective than food.
Make peace with your genes; cultivate gratitude for your body and allow it to arrive at its natural set point. Feel happier and lighter in your body no matter what size Earthsuit you’re wearing.
Years of dieting and chaotic eating patterns has taken a toll on your metabolism, confusing your internal cues. For many, following a structured eating plan will help recalibrate internal cues. Individualized meal plans will provide a sense of safety and permission, and correct any dietary deficiencies. Meal plans also boost the metabolic rate allowing you to feel an increase in energy and improved mood aka feeling better!

As your intuitive eating coach, I will guide you to become the expert of your own body. This process is an inner journey of self- discovery where you reclaim your birthright to enjoy food and be at peace in your own body.

Throughout the process of intuitive eating you will experience:

  • Trust ~ your will befriend your body at a deep level. You will know exactly what to eat and when. 

  • Peace ~ you will feel a sense of ease around food as well as your ability to ‘control’ yourself. 

  • Joy ~ eating is fun and enjoyable again as it was when you were a child. 

  • Freedom ~ you have your life back and have freed up your precious time and energy to live your life free free from struggle. 

Are you ready to make peace with foods and your body?


I am sure this all sounds too good to be true! I know I felt like that when I was first beginning my intuitive eating journey. Read my story here.

If you think about how long you have been struggling with food and your body image, please be know that healing from your struggles with food and weight will not happen overnight. This is a process that takes time to heal and unravel from. I have walked this path and will serve as a beacon of hope for your recovery. Recovery and transformation is possible.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~Anais Nin ~

~Intuitive eating Transformation Coaching Program~
What you get:

90-Minute Introductory Session

Our first session is spent exploring your relationship with food and body image. I’ll do a thorough assessment of your dieting and health history. Together, we create an individualized plan unique to your body and your goals.

Two 50-minute Coaching Sessions Each Month

Each follow up sessions will focus on specific intuitive and mindful eating topics. We will also utilize the Behavior Decoding Method. Together we will learn how to decode the symbolic language of your food hungers and cravings.

Through decoding the symbolic language of foods craved, you will discover your emotional or spiritual hungers, unresolved feelings and unmet intrinsic needs and desires that are hidden in the food.

For in person sessions: my offices are in Oakland, San Francisco and Napa California. Sessions can also be done virtually as well.

Personalized Meal Planning Guidelines

You will get a roadmap on what and how much to eat to support you for metabolic recovery. Meal plans will also provide structure and help you break out of the chaotic eating cycles.

You will have access to my Living Plate meal plans if more guidance is needed.

Personalized Supplement Plan

After a thorough nutritional assessment and review of your food logs and labs if relevant, I will create a supplement protocol unique to your nutritional needs. You will get access to my Full Script online supplement portal, which delivers right to your door and makes ordering super easy and affordable.

You will have access to my Living Plate meal plans if more guidance is needed.

Weekly Intuitive Eating Food Log Review & Feedback

You will get my feedback and guidance with your food and mood logs. You get access to my private secure Practice Better portal where I give you direct feedback from your daily food and mood logs.

Tools and Resources

After each session you’ll get an email summary including readings, worksheets and recipes to support your process in between sessions.

Mindful Eating Experiential Exercise

In our sessions together, I will walk you through how to really use mindfulness with eating in a systematic way. Think eating meditation 101.

Dining Out Experience

If you live locally, we meet at a restaurant of your choice and challenge fears around foods so that you are more confident to eat out in social situations with more ease. This can be done virtually as well with take out.

Monthly Client Only Newsletters

You will get on my list of members only where you get inspiration to your inbox filled with resources, recipes and other fun tips to support your IE journey.

Unlimited Email Support Between Sessions

I am here for you via email for any concerns, questions etc., etc.!

Access to Private Facebook Group

Here you will find a community of folks just like you who are on the intuitive eating journey. This community is so helpful to help you feel less isolated as well as provide valuable guidance for some who are further along on the path and can reassure and support you wherever you are.

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