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"Working with Karen is the best decision I've made about my health in decades."-KM

"Karen is so inspiring; this approach has saved my life; I am free from food and weight obsession." ~JK

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Could eat anything without guilt, worry and stress?
Felt light, free and at peace in your body?

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Intuitive eating coaching is for you if you are sick of dieting and sick of hating your body. You are tired of feeling trapped on the diet roller coaster and tired of constantly obsessing about food. You wish you could break out of this vicious cycle and really learn how to trust your body again. You know you need a different approach but are not sure how to make the change on your own. As your coach, I’ll help you to break free from the dieting trap so that you can finally find peace and freedom.

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"I am so thankful...

When I first started seeing Karen I felt hopeless, stuck in a dieting and overeating cycle that had my weight fluctuating all over the place. I now feel comfortable in my eating habits, and feel healthy and lighter without dieting. I am so thankful for Karen’s insights and guidance throughout this process!”

~ MM~

"She clearly has a passion to heal."

“Karen is amazingly empathetic therapist, coach and nutritionist. She clearly has a passion to heal, with real strategies, and an open heart.”~ MC

"I am free from food and weight obsession."

“Karen is so inspiring; this approach has saved my life; I am free from food and weight obsession.”~ JK

"I am free from food and weight obsession."

“Karen taught me how to listen to my body; now I eat whatever I want and I’m already down 20 pounds without dieting!” ~KM

“Using food as the doorway to understanding yourself can lead to unimaginable beauty, and openness, and a kind of awakening.”


Geneen Roth

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My practice is 100% virtual. I am in Napa California. I am available for virtual sessions around the world.


Phone: (510) 409-9615

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