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How to Stop Stress Eating.

We are living under stressful times and this time of the year in particular, stress often is amplified. The title of this blog was originally, "HOW TO HANDLE STRESS EATING DURING STRESSFUL TIMES." Truth be told: we don't ever "stop" stress eating, we learn to mange...

Body Image: What does “Healthy” look like? 

What is Body Image? Body image refers to a person's perception, thoughts, and feelings about their own body, including its appearance, shape, and size. It is how a person views themselves when they look in the mirror, how they feel in their body, and how they think...

What is Intuitive Eating and is it right for you?

What is Intuitive Eating? Intuitive eating is a non-diet approach to eating that emphasizes tuning in to one's own hunger and fullness cues, and allowing oneself to eat what they truly desire and need, rather than following strict diets or external rules. Intuitive...

Emotional Eating: What else can you do besides eat your feelings?

Here’s 25 alternatives coping strategies that have nothing to do with food or eating. Emotional eating has been unfairly pathologized in our culture and those that struggle are told that they need to figure out a way to stop. The truth is, we are emotional creatures....

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