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Alecia Singer
Alecia Singer
Karen is truly a gem and always my go to nutritionist and anti-diet dietician who I call upon to support and inspire my clients looking to heal disordered eating patterns and negative body image. She has an amazing ability to bring warmth and compassion, a great wealth of knowledge and practical tools to rewire the diet culture mentality and bring joy, freedom, trust and peace in relationship to one’s body and food.
Danielle Alexander
Danielle Alexander
Take this leap for yourself! Pretty Please! <3 My time working with Karen Louise has been absolutely life altering in ways that I couldn't imagine before our first meeting. There are many things that I am grateful to her for and countless gems of wisdom that I have gleaned from our 1:1 meetings. I went into this with what I thought was an open mind, but I realize now that I actually went into it desperately expecting to be told what to do to make myself smaller, from yet another "expert" who knew more about my fat body than I knew about myself. I expected to be schooled, disciplined, and turned around. What I found in Karen Louise was unparalleled kindness, compassion, and understanding coupled with extensive academic and practical knowledge about bodies, diet culture, and intersections of the systems that have gotten so many of us where we are today ~ knee deep in an 80 billion dollar a year diet culture industry that profits from us feeling like our spirits and bodies are broken, and that if we can only work harder, try more, and shrink better, we can finally, at long last, be "whole". Karen Louise taught me that I deserve to be alive, that I am worthy of being fed, and that with time and care ~ I can heal my relationship with my body. She taught me to be curious about my feelings, to listen to the way that I talk to myself, and to notice when I am hungry and full. She taught me to be gentle with myself, and provided me with practical skills to achieve this new and peaceful way of being. Karen Louise gave me back my life with unwavering certainty. This woman is a true ally of all human beings and believes that all bodies are not only naturally occurring, but also that they are worthy of love (from self and others). I cannot speak highly enough of Karen Louise and I hope that you give yourself the gift of working with her in any way that feels right to you.
Taylor Leone
Taylor Leone
She was so instrumental in my switch over to intuitive eating. She really showed me the truth of diet culture and helped me to create a new and healthier relationship with eating habits and food. She showed my lots of care and support throughout the process. It does take a lot of mindfulness and awareness, but meeting with her helps to realign my mind when i get confused. In addition, she was always able to respond to little text message questions I would have here and there in my daily life. If you want to change your relationship with food, then she is an amazing guide to have during this journey.
Mechele Small Haggard
Mechele Small Haggard
Karen asks really good questions and ferrets out the roots of diet culture that get embedded in each of us. Her approach is gentle, direct and very effective.
Naomi Muzac
Naomi Muzac
Karen has been working closely with me for a long time and she is truly amazing. She is thoughtful and caring while honoring autonomy and holding space for the intersectional identities of her patients. I would recommend her to everyone I know if I could 💕
Kari Scheidt
Kari Scheidt
Karen has an uncanny ability to lead her clients like me to uncover deep truths. She is extremely kind and empathetic, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable with Karen. I loved her approach, which was centered around intuitive eating. I often think about how grateful I am to have found Karen and had this experience. I could not recommend her more.
Lyla Stephens
Lyla Stephens
Awesome understanding of intuitive eating, body cues and body trust, thank you, I'm on my way to healthier eating.
Brighton Earley
Brighton Earley
Karen is an excellent dietitian with the most knowledge of intuitive eating you could imagine! I highly recommend her.
Wendy H
Wendy H
I have been fortunate to be a client with Karen’s practice over the past few years. Karen has been a thoughtful, kind and supportive ally through my intuitive eating journey. This work, to reframe my thoughts out of diet culture and into body trust, is arduous. Karen’s counsel, whether it be in a one on one session or group work, is unfaltering in its compassion. I would choose Karen again and again, many times over. Highly recommend.
Glenys Oyston
Glenys Oyston
I trust Karen completely as a non-diet dietitian! I have worked with clients who previously worked with Karen (we have different specialties) and they have come so far in their healing with her that it makes my work with them so much easier and effective. Karen is a lovely, compassionate person and you will not regret working with her!

Hello! Let me introduce myself…

I’m Karen Louise, MA, RDN (she/her)

I’m a California based weight-inclusive, anti-diet dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Coach with over 16 years of experience under my belt!

I’m passionate about freeing folks from the oppressive force of diet culture so they can reclaim their birthright to live and eat with pleasure, peace and freedom.

Over the past 16 + years, I’ve helped hundreds of folks break free from the dieting cycle and create a healthy and peaceful relationship with food and their bodies. 

My philosophy is rooted in anti-diet and Health at Every Size frameworks, as well as Intuitive and Mindful Eating. I believe that everyone is the authority of their own bodies; I just help you to “get out of your head and back into your body.” 



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My practice is 100% virtual. I am in Napa California. I am available for virtual sessions around the world.



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