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Hello! Let me introduce myself…

I’m Karen Louise, MA, RDN (she/her)

I’m a California based weight-inclusive, anti-diet dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Coach with over 16 years of experience under my belt!

I’m passionate about freeing folx from the oppressive force of diet culture so they can reclaim their birthright to live and eat with pleasure, peace and freedom.

Over the past 16 + years, I’ve helped hundeds of folx break free from the dieting cycle and create a healthy and peaceful relationship with food and their bodies. 

My philosophy is rooted in anti-diet and Health at Every Size frameworks, as well as Intuitive and Mindful Eating. I believe that everyone is the authority of their own bodies; I just help you to “get out of your head and back into your body.” 



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My practice is 100% virtual. I am in Napa California. I am available for virtual sessions around the world.


Phone: (510) 409-9615