I Believe…

I believe that the pursuit of weight loss is a behavior that comes from the shame we feel that our bodies don’t fit within what is considered ideal.

I believe that our focus on perfect health is causing us to lose connection with our body’s internal wisdom.

I believe there no good or bad foods. All foods should be emotionally equal and when we label foods in good versus bad terms, we internalize that label which leads us to either praising or shaming our eating habits.

I believe that weight stigma is trauma for those living in larger bodies.

I believe that all bodies deserve safe spaces and respectful healthcare.

I believe that we cannot talk about health and weight unless we also talk about patriarchy, feminism, race, class, privilege and access to services.

I believe that we need to change how we talk about bodies with each other. We need to learn how to share our vulnerability around our body image and that through that connection, we can begin to heal.

I believe that each body has it’s own story and that my job is to do more listening and learning than teaching or telling.

I believe that no positive behavior change starts with someone saying, “You should….” you are the expert on you and I will help you to trust that inner wisdom.

I believe that self-compassion, curiosity and empathy are needed for healing our relationship with food and our bodies.

I believe that healing and full recovery is possible for anyone willing to begin on this path of self-discovery.



Adapted from Aaron Flores, RDN

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