Professional Supervision & Mentoring

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

Are you disillusioned with the dominant weight paradigm?

Professional Supervision & Mentoring with Karen Louise Scheuner, MA, RDN

Does this sounds like you?

Do you feel stuck or exhausted with certain clients?

Do you feel like you’re lacking practical tips, tools, and resources for working with clients in a weight-inclusive way?

Do you feel uncomfortable when a client asks you about weight loss?

Do you wish you could go deeper and uncover what’s really going on underneath the symptoms/behaviors?

Learn how to replace the outdated and harmful weight-centric model, to one that works: weight-inclusive care.

Learn why diets don’t work and why intentional weight loss is harmful and backfires for 98% of folks.

Learn ways to actively work towards body liberation and fat liberation for all bodies.

Do you wish you had a tool that could help your clients get unstuck in as little as 1 to 3 sessions?

Learn how to treat and talk about body image from a systems approach.

Unpack and dismantle internalized fatphobia, anti-fat bias, and weight stigma.

Perhaps you’d like to go deeper into your own healing with food and body?

Are you ready to get unhooked from your client’s struggle?

Are you ready to feel a renewed sense of joy, freedom, and fulfillment with this work? 

Professional Supervision & Mentoring

Karen Louise Scheuner, MA, RDN

Professional supervision will help to enhance your professional growth, confidence, and clinical skills. And ensure the best possible care and improved outcomes for your clients.

Areas and topics that may be covered in supervision training:

Explore your body story

Locate your position in the healing relationship with your client. How does your body inform and impact your clients experience? How do you name and work with your own story, your own bias and hold this while your client also heals from internalized weight stigma/anti-fat bias?

Dismantle weight stigma and anti-fat bias

Research shows that anti-fat bias is rampant in our profession as eating disorder professionals. There is a disconnect between knowing the influence of the social determinants of health, and our belief about fatness. Fatness is still seen as an individual choice with weight-loss as the only possible answer. There is so much evidence that point to how problematic this is (the increase in eating disorders for example). Navigate ways to heal our own internalized of anti-fatness while holding space for our clients to heal.

Healthism, Nutritionism and Ableism

Our culture is obsessed with health, anti-aging, food as medicine, etc. etc. We place too much blame on the individual instead of looking at the big picture. Learn to feel more confident speaking openly and directly about the variables affecting health the most—trauma, oppression, environmental changes and inequalities, and disparities in our healthcare system.

Social justice and trauma informed

You’ve heard of these terms but are not sure how to incorporate these concepts into your practice. Our field is evolving and we want to live in a world where we ‘do no harm’ and are inclusive for all bodies.

How to take care of yourself while doing this work to avoid burn out, moral injury and compassion fatigue

Get support on how to navigate healing in a broken system.

Diet culture, perfectionism and hustle culture

How to break free from our internalization of hustle culture and how this relates to perfectionism and diet culture conditioning. Learn how to cope in diet culture. Diet culture teaches that we must hustle to survive. This hustle becomes a way of coping in response to a world that actively promotes body hierarchies and treats bodies as problems to be solved/fixed.

Helping clients to improve and heal their relationship to food, not just get them to eat “healthier.”

We explore how to increase access to the wisdom of our bodies innate regulatory system by discussion of embodiment theories and practices. We discuss intuitive eating and body trust principles as well as uncover the nuance of the food addiction models and weight loss injectable medications.

Help your clients get unstuck with binge eating, emotional/ compulsive Eating, food cravings/addictions

We look at the specific foods that are eaten and find the metaphor, symbolic meaning and underlying purpose of this behavior. We also find what the unmet intrinsic needs are that the behavior is attempting to take care of.

Professional Supervision & Mentoring

If you are practicing from a weight-centric (weight-loss) perspective, and it feels like your clients aren’t getting results, or they fall off your schedule, then chances are, you might be ready to ditch the old model. There has to be a better way, right?

In just a few sessions, I can show you how to get unstuck with your clients so you can help them to find the shift that will allow for deeper and lasting healing.

You will feel more confident in “doing no harm” with regard to weight stigma, anti-fat bias and other blind spots that may present themselves in this work. (we are never done doing this work btw, you get to be human!)

My work will help you to connect the dots between social justice and the work of healing. Together you can bring your own body story to our sessions in safe container where you will be seen and heard without judgement.

You will receive potent healing for yourself that you can energetically exchange with your clients as they will benefit when you are aligned with your authentic self.  



Karen Louise Scheuner, MA, RDN

I’m a nutrition therapist/dietitian, certified intuitive eating counselor, and body trust provider. I specialize in weight-inclusive care, intuitive eating, body image healing, mindfulness, self-compassion and healing from disordered eating, and eating disorders.

Since 2005, I’ve helped hundreds of folks break free from the dieting cycle and create a sustainable and peaceful relationship with food and their bodies.
Healing from food and body image issues takes time, patience and support. As someone who has recovered from chronic dieting myself, I get it!

I am passionate about supporting colleagues (both dietitians and therapists) to develop and strengthen their own wisdom, knowledge and skills. The work we do as healers is ongoing and we never “arrive” at some place of completion. Like you, I am always learning and unlearning, growing and evolving along this path. I am personally and professional committed to ongoing supervision and trainings.

Our work together is informed by Health at Every Size, Body Trust and Intuitive eating frameworks. We also use the Behavior Decoding Method which is developed by Barbara Birsinger and this tool will help you get unstuck with yourself or with your client in as little as 1 session.

Other modalities include: harm reduction,  developmental theory of embodiment, shame resilience theory, motivational interviewing, self-compassion theory and mindfulness-based approaches. 

My certifications and trainings are as follows:

  • Mindful Eating MB-EAT mindfulness based training 
  • Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor 
  • Behavior Decoding Method with Barbara Birsinger 
  • Certifed Body Trust Provider 
  • Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours certified
  • Certifed Natural Chef 

Check out my LinkedIn page here:

Here’s a therapist that I worked with to heal her own relationship with food and body. This is after just 3 months of working together:

I wanted to reach out to you now to express my gratitude for what you taught me and how you held strong to those principles despite my resistance. 

In the time after our coaching, I kept thinking about what you said, and I did gradually make changes and allow myself to eat freely for the first time…the first time since I was like 8 years old. It was hard at first because I did gain some weight, but then I noticed that eventually I didn’t painfully crave things anymore, I didn’t need to overeat because I could eat anytime, and  I was content, basically everything shifted for me. It was amazing. It was (and is) so much easier to be alive. 

And I am so, so grateful to you for what you taught me and for sharing such a strong stance against fat phobia. Thank you for doing what you do. You made a big difference in my life. I feel like I actually don’t have an eating disorder anymore and I have so much space for all the other wonderful things that I was having trouble enjoying before.

One of my clients told me after 1 session of working together: 

I’ve been to a lot of therapists over the years, and this one session was like 10 years of therapy.”

Are you ready to get unhooked from your client’s struggle?

Are you ready to feel a renewed sense of joy, freedom, and fulfillment with this work? 


Karen gave me lots of tools ...

so I can learn to trust myself and my body again

~ MB~

I am no longer "afraid" of food


My work with Karen is nothing short of life-changing;

I am so grateful to finally feel free – SP

"I am free from food and weight obsession."

and not letting food run my life- CC

Karen taught me how to re- learn how to eat when I’m hungry,

and stop when I’m full; I enjoy eating again! – TC

“Darling, I never step on the scale, because the scale doesn’t measure sexy.”

~Bella Dolce ~

My practice is 100% virtual. I am in Napa California. I am available for virtual sessions around the world.



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