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Imagine a life where you wake up and don’t obsess about food.

Imagine a life where you feel freedom with food and without guilt or worry.

Imagine a life of feeling at home and at peace in your body.

Imagine trusting your body and never dieting again.

Imagine living a life deeply rooted in your truth, your power.

Are you done with yo-yo dieting and feeling like a failure?

You’ve tried every diet under the sun and yet still can’t seem to figure it out!

Do you identify with “emotional eating” stress eating” and “binge eating?”

Do you feel ashamed that you can’t seem to control your eating?

Do you feel obsessed around food?

Can’t stop thinking about what you “should” or “shouldn’t eat?”

Do you agonize over your weight or size of your body?

You get caught in the shame spiral and can’t stop self-judgments and criticism.
You really want to “listen” and “trust” your body with food, but don’t know how.
Perhaps you feel like your food and body struggles are holding you back from living your best life.
Maybe you’ve heard of IE but aren’t sure if you’re doing it right.


What is Intuitive Eating Coaching?

Intuitive eating coaching is a process to help you break free from the diet-binge-guilt cycle so you can free up your precious time and energy for other things.

Together we work to expand your self-awareness, reconnect with your body’s inner wisdom, and reclaim your birthright to trust your body again.

Through this process, you will find yourself feeling more comfortable and confident in your body – no matter what your size. Together, we let go of dieting, challenge limiting beliefs and break free from the diet-binge-guilt cycle.

You reclaim your sovereignty back from diet culture.

You reclaim your life back.

Are You Ready to Break Free From the Struggle?

Can You Relate?

Do you want to know WHY you are doing what you are doing with food?

Are you tired of hating your body and struggling with your weight?

Do you wish you could get off the diet-binge-guilt cycle of eating?

Do you wish you could just eat ‘normally’ but don’t trust yourself.

Are tired of thinking about what you should eat instead of what you really want to eat. 

You spend much of your day obsessing about what you ate (or didn’t eat) or what your body looks like/should look like. 

You’ve spent years trying to “fix” your body with various diets/plans/pills/procedures.

You are “all-or-nothing”- you are either “on” or “off” the diet; there’s no middle way. 

You’ve hit “diet bottom” – you know deep down that diets don’t work anymore.

When did you first learn that your body was the problem?

Here’s the truth… what if I told you that, YOUR BODY IS NOT THE PROBLEM.

The problem is not you – the problem is with our oppressive culture. A culture that lies to us, keeps us trapped in a cage that brainwashes us to believe we must shrink our bodies and our lives to fit a standard of beauty.

The lies we’ve been fed are that when we get the “perfect” body then we will be accepted, loved, healthy, etc.I know it really feels like the body is the problem. I understand this as a recovered chronic dieter myself, I was convinced if my body were smaller, my life would be better, I would have more love, acceptance, all the things! I’m here to tell you that it is possible to get to a place where you can eat what you want, feel free around food, and feel good in your body. (Read my story here)

You can get to a place where you feel free around food.

It’s Possible.







You can eat anything while feeling good and at peace in your body. Just like you did when you were a toddler.

Your life’s purpose isn’t about shrinking yourself. You are here to expand into your power and to find and live from your authentic truth. Freedom is your birthright and its yours to reclaim.

Dieting has stole enough of your precious time and energy. You deserve to live a fully empowered and liberated life.

Hi! I’m Karen Louise

I’m a California based weight-inclusive, anti-diet dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Coach with over 16 years of experience under my belt!

I’m passionate about freeing folks from the oppressive force of diet culture so they can reclaim their birthright to live and eat with pleasure, peace and freedom.

Since 2005,  I’ve helped hundreds of folks break free from the dieting cycle and create a healthy and peaceful relationship with food and their bodies.

My philosophy is rooted in anti-diet and Health at Every Size frameworks, as well as Intuitive and Mindful Eating. I will soon be a Certified Body Trust Provider. I believe that everyone is the authority of their own bodies; I’m just here to help you to “get out of your head and back into your body.”

Karen Louise
Karen Louise

My practice is 100% virtual. I am in Napa California. I am available for virtual sessions around the world.



Chronic Dieting

Eating Disorder Recovery

Fertility Support







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