Can you relate?


Are you feeling overwhelmed with where to start on your fertility journey?

If you’ve ever been told to “just relax, and it will happen”… but it’s not “just happening” or it’s happening to everyone around you.


Are you confused on what to eat to boost your fertility?


(It takes 3 to 4 months for the egg and sperm to mature. Individualized diet and lifestyle during these 3-4 months are crucial factors in conception, pregnancy outcomes & the future health of your future littles.)

You know you “should” be taking supplements, but you aren’t sure which ones and where to start.

You are beginning to lose trust with your body and feel like something is missing.

No one really understands how hard this journey is.


Maybe you’ve tired a round of IUI or maybe even IVF, and still no luck.


You are tired of hearing from your doctor that you need to lose weight to have a healthy pregnancy outcome. Is this even true?

(Spoiler alert: NO! There is plenty of evidence that folks in larger bodies can get pregnant without needing to lose weight via dieting).


Are you ready to get started getting pregnant without dieting and without body shame?

As your fertility support coach, I support you through this process.

You are not alone!

I will help you navigate the emotional rollercoaster of trying to conceive with fertility support.

Together, we will create a plan to optimize your fertility support. We will look at your medical history to determine the root cause of your symptoms, diagnosis, concerns, etc.

We’ll focus on the root cause of your health concerns will allow your body to heal and achieve your health & fertility goals.

Your individualized nutrition and supplement plan will work with your body to nourish fertility from the inside out. We target supporting hormone balance, and optimizing the environment to improve egg and/or sperm quality.

Focusing on your health before conception will decrease the risk of miscarriage and pregnancy complications as well as optimizing the health of your future little one.

I am here to provide you with unlimited support every step of the way.

As your coach, I’ll help you navigate this roller coaster ride of emotions that this journey inspires! 

You deserve to feel supported.

Hi! I’m Karen Louise

I’m a “anti-diet” dietitian + fertility coach. Since 2005, I’ve helped hundreds of folks free themselves from the trap of chronic dieting, disordered eating and eating disorders.

In 2020, I gave birth to my rainbow baby a week after my 44th birthday. Conceived naturally after failed fertility treatments.
I’ve been through the fertility ringer myself. I get how hard this journey can be.

I’ve been there, done that. Multiple losses, dozens of shots and procedures. Several egg retrieval’s and IVF cycles! Lots of money, time and heartache.

Doctors gave me a 5% chance with my own eggs (I started at 42) so was already considered “geriatric”- lol!

I get the obsession on wanting to have a child. Badly. The desperation. The grief. The unknowns.

I hated it when someone told me to “just relax and it will happen.”

The anxiety that comes with the two week wait. And, feeling like your life is getting smaller as you can ONLY think about how to get (and stay) pregnant. It’s all consuming.

This path is filled with highs and lows and without much support. You might feel like you are all alone on this path because no one really seems to get it. (Meanwhile your girl friend just announced her second pregnancy and they weren’t even trying- arrr)

And, no one talks about miscarriage. You suffer in silence and feel alone. What could you have done differently? (Btw, you are not to blame! And there are steps we can take to decrease the chances of this happening again and again. There is hope.)

Ovulation? What’s that? Haven’t we all be told that it’s “so easy” to get pregnant? And that it can happen at any time during your cycle? Women in this culture are kept in the dark when it comes to their fertility.

We can empower ourselves and regain trust with our bodies.

I am here to help with fertility support!

Our 4 Month Fertility Support Coaching Program

is created just for you to optimize your fertility, make peace with food and your body.

Our Body Trust Fertility Support Program will support you to:

Explore your body story and health history to create a plan unique to you and your health and fertility goals.

Explore emotional blocks and fears that may be holding you back or sabotaging your goals.

Reconnect and restore trust with your body with intuitive eating principals.Learn tools and practices to strengthen your access to your internal wisdom and intuitive.

Learn the basics of conception and how to determine when you really ovulating (when to maximize the chances of conception).

Develop daily practices of self-care, self-love, self-compassion as your navigate the “roller coaster” of the fertility journey.

Your individualized nutrition and supplement plan will work with your body to nourish fertility from the inside out. We target reducing inflammation, supporting hormone balance, and optimizing the environment to improve egg and/or sperm quality.

Learn how to let go of dieting and deprivation and replace it with a sustainable and pleasurable approach/plan.

Find relief from the diet-binge-guilt cycle of eating.

Learn tools and practices to reconnect you to physical hungers.

Identify emotional and symbolic cravings and how to decode and feed these hungers.

Gain a deep appreciation to how all our coping with food/body is rooted in wisdom.

Feel confident around how much, what and when to eat.

Feel connected and in control of your body’s hungers and desires.

Experience eating without guilt, anxiety and self doubt.

Unhook and heal from the weight loss fantasy; feel more comfortable and confident in your body – no matter what your size.

Rediscover joyful movement: find practices to help you ‘get out of your head, and into your body.’

Reclaim your birthright to enjoy all foods with pleasure and satisfaction.

Relate to your body more compassionately as you reclaim your sovereignty back from diet culture/the patriarchy.

Heal your relationship to food and your body at a deep level so your nervous system can (finally) relax without the pressures to ‘diet and lose weight! How relieving!

Reclaim Your Life Back.

Come Home To Your Body.

Believe in Yourself 

The Body Trust Fertility Program includes:

One 90 minute initial kick off session to map out your unique plan + 7 Follow-up Sessions

These 50-60 minute video sessions generally take place every other week. All sessions are virtual. I can see folks anywhere in the world. I’m on PST.

Unlimited Email, Text and Chat Support

You’ll have support and guidance from your dietitian between sessions with unlimited email access for any questions or concerns that come up (or if you just need a place to vent).

Weekly Journal Review And Personalized Feedback

Your dietitian will review your online food and mood app weekly (if applicable) and provide feedback and support in between sessions, even if it’s a week that you don’t have a video call. The food and mood app is a function of the Practice better software system.

Tools, Practices, Worksheets And Reflection Prompts

After each session, you’ll get an email summary of session highlights as well as any tools that might be helpful in implementing the practices. This work is highly individualized and based upon your needs and your specific goals/plan.

Our FREE 30 minute Discovery call

gives us the opportunity to explore your fertility goals as well as your relationship to food + your body as well as any other the areas you need support around. You can answer any questions and get a sense of what working together will be like.

Don’t spend anymore time going through this alone. 

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

—Audre Lorde, “A burst of light”

My practice is 100% virtual. I am in Napa California. I am available for virtual sessions around the world.



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